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 Market Experience


  • FLORIDA Business Opportunities, Inc. will prepare a professional profile of your business describing its history, operations and all the other positive attributes of your business. We understand that most privately-held businesses prepare their financial information to minimize their tax obligations and we will assist you in recasting your financials to show your business in the best financial light.


  • Sarasota Business Brokers use many different methods and strategies for attracting serious buyer prospects. Among our methods are dominant internet visibility, use of our own proprietary buyer database, targeted direct mail, national and local advertising, and referral networking (we have contacts throughout the United States and abroad).


 Finding The Right Buyer


  • Florida Business Brokers continuing promotional efforts produces hundreds of potential buyer prospects each and every month.


  • Sarasota, Florida Business Brokers conducts personal interviews with the buyer prospects to determine their individual requirements, goals and objectives, while at the same time discussing their financial resources available to purchase a business.

 Total Confidentiality


  • Our Business Brokers will not discuss any details concerning your business until a potential buyer has signed a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. Only after the Buyer has been financially qualified, will they been given some additional information.


 Our Services


  • FLORIDA Business Opportunities, Inc. is a full-service business brokerage firm. We provide all of the services and support necessary to complete the sale of a business to the satisfaction of both the buyer and the seller.


  • We will schedule and attend all meetings between the seller and the buyer. We will also coordinate any meetings with other professionals. We stay involved until the transaction is successfully closed.

About Our Company | Selling A Business | Best Time To Sell?


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